System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition


Research and discussion about food security and nutrition are important as India is having the world's highest number of underweight children.


Expert Speak

  • Dietary Transition: Implications for Nutrition

    user  Vani S. Kulkarni
    time  On 21 Feb 2017   

    Dr Vani took up the studies of diet diversification as it was found that poverty reduced sharply but undernourishment did not. She is of the opinion that with growing urbanisation and changing lifestyles our food has become more fat based. Obesity and underweight have to be tackled fast as these can lead to non-communicable diseases. The increasing protein of young population should understand the importance of healthy eating and healthy life style.

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  • Pulse Production: Trends and Challenges

    user  K N. Ganeshaiah
    time  On 01 Nov 2016   

    In the interview Dr Ganeshaiah says Declaring 'International Year of Pulses' perhaps has more significance to, and is more pertinent to India. Because, as it’s people, the second largest in the world, derive their protein requirement almost entirely from pulses. Thus the country needs to take this opportunity and introspect on the strategies that we need to follow.

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