System of Promoting Appropriate National Dynamism
for Agriculture and Nutrition

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Post-Production Interventions: Agricultural Marketing

Publisher: Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

The fourth volume of the Report of the Committee on Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI) examines the status and reforms needed in the agricultural marketing system. A clear differentiation is proposed between the system that facilitates marketing of agricultural produce and the modes to connect the produce to markets. The latter is a physical function, and is discussed in the first part of this volume. The former is the environment and the logic behind that function, to guide and enable the ways that agricultural produce can realise optimal value. The volume discusses the market network and system, which was earlier designed to address a state of subsistence farming that existed prior to the period of about two decades. The distress to farmers arises from production not finding markets. In appreciation of this issue as a priority concern, a state of surpluses which causes an inverse relation between production and value is discussed. Emphasis is given to enabling an environment that opens up to a larger number of stakeholders to drive competition. The mere availability of market yards is not sufficient, and to be effective, they must also serve to channel the produce of farmers and manage transactions at other locations.

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